Erotica Background

There is an audience watching...

A room gathered full of people believed to contain a Sex Mind.

People with a Sex Mind are capable of exploiting the fetish of others. Those with a Sex Mind are able to see what sexual kinks and desires people yearn for.

Everyone sits silently at a conference room table. Wondering, waiting, watching, unsure of what will happen next.

We are the Footsutra, and these are our stories of humiliation, dominance, femdom, and pleasure.

Vanessa is believed to contain something called the Sex Mind. With feet like that, she is a dream for people with a foot fetish.

Story Begin...

Still sitting in her chair, Vanessa speaks again, “So… Essentially what you are saying is if I did this…” Vanessa turns toward Hayden and grabs his chair. She yanks on it and turns his chair to face her while he sits in it. She grips both of Hayden’s wrists and pulls, forcing Hayden out of his chair. He stands in front of her.

The Announcer eyes them curiously, mostly focusing his gaze on her. He jumps up with excitement, clapping sporadically. “Oh joy, a demonstration! Please continue!” A look of confusion is the common expression around the table. A bell dings and echoes throughout the room.

“Wait, I will not be part of-” Hayden starts, but is interrupted when Vanessa grabs his wrists. She yanks on them and forces him to sit on her lap. He straddles it like a horse. Now face-to-face, Hayden stares at her. “What the hell are you doing?”

Vanessa stares back at him. “You don’t think I noticed?” she asks.

Hayden’s legs dangle on each side of her. He gulps. “Notice what?” he asks, attempting to sound as innocent as possible.

“You are staring at my feet.”

“I was not staring-”

Vanessa stomps her feet on the tile ground, interrupting him. Hayden bites his lip. No words come out of his mouth.

Vanessa smirks, “That’s what I thought. It took me five seconds to peg you as a weak little footboy.”

Hate being called weak, Hayden glares at her. “I am not weak.”

Vanessa laughs. “You are not going to last more than two matches in this competition,” she taunts.

“You don’t even know me,” he retorts.

“I know all I need to know. Watch this.” Vanessa reaches down with her arms and hooks them around Hayden’s legs. Hayden struggles to get up but is unable to move his legs, now locked in by Vanessa’s arms. His heart pounds in his ears.

Vanessa gets up from her chair. Hayden’s ankles lock behind her, his legs still around her waist. “What the hell are you doing?” he asks.

The Announcer leaps off the table as if knowing what comes next.

Vanessa moves one hand behind his head and grips the back of his hair. She pushes him forward into a kiss. Her lips slam into his own, moist, and locking together. With the distraction, Hayden closes his eyes and wraps his arms around her neck. Vanessa climbs onto the table. She slides her tongue into his mouth. Hayden opens his mouth more and accepts it, feeling her tongue swim around. Vanessa stops kissing him upon reaching the middle of the table. “Take notes, everyone,” she taunts.

Hayden looks at her. “What?”

Vanessa sits down with Hayden’s legs still wrapped on Vanessa’s waist. His legs extend around her with his ankles locked behind her. She pushes into his chest with her hands and pulls her legs up. She presses both of her feet against his chest and forces him the rest of the way down. His back is flat on the table. He stares up at the ceiling. His heartbeat can be felt on the bottom of her right foot slowly increasing in speed.

Vanessa smacks both of her long, skinny feet onto Hayden’s face. The soles of her feet are smooth and cover Hayden’s face completely. Hayden now stares into the soles of her feet instead of staring up at the ceiling. He inhales deeply and breathes in the smell of her feet. When he exhales, a mixture of groans and moans erupt from his lips.

Mixed expressions fill the room. “Oh my God,” Britney says.

“What the fuck-“ Zach adds.

“QUIET!” the Announcer bellows.

Vanessa feels his breath fan out onto her feet. “Another deep breath,” she demands. “Now.” She slaps him with her right foot with enough force that a loud clap can be heard when her foot connects with his cheek. Her left foot pets and slides up and down the side of his face.

Hayden grunts when slapped and inhales again deeply through his nose. The smell intoxicates him. His eyes roll back into his head. His moans heard all around the room. Vanessa spreads her toes and presses them to his lips. He exhales his breath fans out against her toes. She feels the warmth of his breath move between her toes. A smirk erupts on her face.

Vanessa looks down and notices Hayden’s pants pointing straight at her. She moves her feet back and re-covers his face with her soles. She feels his tongue snake out from between his lips to start licking her feet. Hayden’s tongue explores them, running form the hell of her foot, up to the arch of her sole, to her toes. His tongue never stops. He looks between her feet and stares at her while his tongue explores her feet as if on autopilot.

Vanessa blows him a kiss and gives him a playful slap with her increasingly wet foot due to Hayden’s tongue. She rips his shorts and boxers clean off and tosses them. They land on Eric who sits nearby.
“Jesus Christ!” Eric yells. He freaks out and rips off the shorts and boxers and tosses them aside. He spits, as if in disgust.

Hayden’s hard and erect cock pops out, causing mixed reactions across the room. She grips his cock in her hand and starts to stroke in-sync with the licking he is doing to her feet.

Hayden lets out a hiss every time Vanessa strokes him. While he is focused on sucking and licking on foot, she starts slapping him with the other with every pump of his cock. Her hand slides up and down his throbbing cock and with each stroke, comes a swift slap of her sole onto his cheek.

Hayden struggles and turns his head to see everyone watching him. Some of the other contestants have their mouth covered with their hands in disbelief. Britney watches Vanessa with intensity, falling head-over-heels in love with her.

Vanessa sees Hayden gazing out at everyone. She smirks and moves one of her feet behind Hayden’s head. She pushes and brings his head up. She uses her other foot to turn his face back to her and points her foot right in front of his lips.

Vanessa and Hayden’s eyes lock. They stare at each other, Vanessa wearing a huge grin while Hayden’s face shows pleasure. His face is red.

“Open your mouth,” she demands huskily, loud enough for everyone in the room to hear her. “Now.”

Hayden shakes his head. “I am not going to be the one who loses to a match I didn’t even agree.”

Vanessa narrows her eyes and squeezes his cock in her hand. She locks his head in place with her feet, one foot behind his head and her other foot pressing into his chin. She forces him to look at her. Vanessa maintains eye contact and slides her hand up the length of his shaft, squeezing whenever she feels his cock throb against her palm. She uses her other hand and starts to play with his balls. When her hand reaches the tip of his cock, she plays with it roughly before her hand slides back down his shaft in long strokes.

Hayden moans and cries out, trying to move his head and avert his gaze, but her feet tighten and compress his head like a sandwich. His hot breath fans out against her toes, building his own anticipation.

Vanessa moves her hand underneath his balls and between his legs. She moves her lips closer to his cock, maintaining eye contact. With her hand between his legs, she pushes up to move his cock closer to her lips. She squeezes his cock with her other hand, his cock inches closer and closer to her lips. She opens her mouth and Hayden’s mouth utters a moan in anticipation.

“Gotcha!” Vanessa yells. She shoves her foot into his mouth. Hayden’s lips collapse around her toes. He sucks on all five toes that Vanessa shoved into his mouth. A loud sucking noise fills the room with a mixture of moans, groans, and grunts. She uses her other foot that is still behind his head to push his lips further down. Her foot shoves in as deep as his mouth will let it.

Vanessa continues to stroke his cock in long, hard thrusts. Her palm goes up and down his shaft before she swirls her hand around his tip, and repeats. “How much longer can you last? Your cock is throbbing like it is about to explode.”

Vanessa begins to slide her foot out, but Hayden tightens his lips around her foot, wanting to keep it in his mouth. She slides it all the way out anyway and hovers her toes outside of his lips. Her foot drips saliva onto his chest. She brings her other foot back around and shoves both of her soles back into his face, coating it in his own saliva.

Vanessa presses her saliva-riddled foot against one-half of his face. Now using her other foot, she hovers it in front of his lips.


Hayden shakes his head and mumbles. “N-no.”

“Really? You will not open your mouth for my foot? Don’t you see how perfect it is? So skinny in width, so smooth and perfect toes.”

Hayden begins to drool. “N-no,” he says again.

Vanessa sees the drool run down his chin. “See that? You are hungry.”

She uses her big toe and runs it up his chin to wipe the drool away.

She gives him a wink and whispers seductively, “Now let me feed you.”

She gives his cock a hard, pressed, and forceful stroke and reachesaround with her other hand and spanks his ass.

Her seductive tone and her owning of his cock make him moan out in pleasure. His lips open wide and Vanessa shoves her saliva-free foot into his mouth. Her foot slides in and slides all the way back out. With the saliva now acting as a lubricant, Vanessa pushes her foot back in, and then out again. She repeats it until Hayden is forced to give what mimics a blowjob. Vanessa continues to press her other foot against the side of his face.

Hayden mumbles, but his words cannot be made out. With his mouth full of Vanessa’s foot, his moans and cries of pleasure become louder. He grunts and his breathing intensifies. She moves her toes around inside his mouth. Whenever her foot pushes back into his mouth, she slaps his face with her other. A footprint starts to form on his cheek.

Vanessa strokes his cock with fervor, her hand coursing up and down the length of his throbbing cock. The throbbing can be seen from the others seated at the table. Hayden’s moans of pleasure turn into low-pitched screams, increasing in intensity until his screams echo throughout the room. Pleasure courses through his cock. Vanessa leans down and opens her mouth. She continues to rub his cock with her stroking while her other hand places and cradles his balls.

Hayden cries out, his eyes watering. He collapses and tightens his lips when her foot is as deep inside his mouth as it will go. He sucks on it loudly and presses his face into the sole of her other foot as she slaps his face with it.

Vanessa feels his lips and mouth clamp to her foot when it is deep in his throat. She can barely pull it out, but keeps it inside, knowing he is about to burst. “That is it, footboy. Now cum!” she demands with intensity.

Hayden’s eyes close, his moans constant as his cock erupts. A sea of white cum shoots up into Vanessa’s mouth. She continues to milk it, stroking and pumping every drop of cum from his cock. She grips his balls and swallows his cum until his cock stops erupting, but no doubt continues to pulse as his erection dies down.

“Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!” the Announcer claps. He leaps up onto the table and approaches the two of them. “That was an excellent display of…” He pauses and looks up to the ceiling. “…Ownage, I guess.”

“So, if I understand this right,” Vanessa begins. “I won?”

The Announcer nods. “That you did. If this were an official match. But this was just a demonstration.”

Hayden looks up but cannot speak, as one of Vanessa’s feet is still in his mouth. He grabs her ankle and starts to pull her foot out.

“Ah! Not so fast,” the Announcer yells. He turns to Vanessa. “Maintain the position.”

Vanessa looks at Hayden, and then to the Announcer. She pushes her foot back into his mouth, her other foot still pressed onto his face. “But why?”

The Announcer kneels next to the two of them. “It needs to be documented.”

“Documented?” a voice asks from the outer edge of the table.

“That’s right,” the Announcer answers. “The first part of the documentation is the description.” He turns to face Vanessa. “Vanessa, the first step of documentation is to describe the position that made your opponent orgasm.”

“Out loud?” she asks.

Hayden tilts his head curiously, his cock starting to perk back up again.

“Yes, verbally describe the position you are in,” the Announcer repeats. Drones descend from the ceiling with cameras attached to them. They circle the two of them and start scanning from various angles from the air. Tiny microphones can be seen on the drones.

Vanessa eyes the drones and shrugs. “Fine. I am sitting down with my legs extended in front of me. The loser, Hayden, is sitting in my lap. His legs are around my waist with his ankles crossed together behind me. His upper body is flat with his back on the table between my legs. His head is up so he can look at me. One of my feet is pushed deep into his mouth while my other foot is pressing into the side of my face. As for my hands, one of my hands is gripping and stroking his cock and my other is playing with his balls.”

The Announcer nods. “And what do you call this position?”

Vanessa looks at him. “I have to name it?”

“Yes. What do you call it?” the Announcer asks again.

Vanessa thinks for a moment, staring at Hayden. He mumbled something, but she brings her finger to her lips and shushes him. She moves her toes around in his mouth and turns his face from side to side with her other foot. Finally, she comes up with a name. “The Recliner.”

“Excellent!” the Announcer yells. “Great name and I can see why you chose it. I just received word that you two have been chosen as the first official match of Humiliation Entertainment!” The Announcer claps his hands and lights illuminate the rest of the room. They are sitting in the middle of an arena. Cheers break out from the hundreds, if not thousands, of people in attendance.

The Announcer faces the camera for those watching from their private pay-per-view streams. “Let the humiliation commence!”

To be continued...