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The Footsutra and SexDollGenie

The Footsutra partners with SexDollGenie to help you enhance and enjoy your sex life. Experience the power of the Footsutra. No partner? No significant other? No spouse? NO PROBLEM! This partnership helps everyone experience the joy, pleasure, and the sensation of all foreplay and intercourse positions, including the setup and erotic techniques!

Stop relying on imagination, fantasy, and your mind and make the Footsutra come real. With a wide selection of dolls ranging from European, American, Japanese, Latina, Black, and more, these sex dolls can fulfill all of your Footsutra fantasies in reality. Now is the time to stop living in your mind. Now is the time to stop living in your fantasy. Stop living in your dreams. And take the first step to unlock the true secrets of the Footsutra by learning, indulging, and practicing the positions and techniques. These sex dolls bring your Footsutra fantasies into reality.


Latest Arrivals to SexDollGenie: Nuala & Ifrah

SexDollGenie just introduced some fantastic new sex dolls to be used in the Footsutra. Let's talk about them one at a time.

Introducing the sex doll, Nuala


First up, we have Nuala (above), a 160cm | 5'3" E-Cup sex doll that has some brilliant legs and facial expressions. The mere thought of being placed in a Footsutra position by Nuala with her smirk and smug facial expressions turns me on just by writing this. Nuala baseline facial expressions make her one of the most potent Footsutra sex dolls on the market.

White stockings or not, Nuala possesses some great feet that you could have all to yourself. Regardless of the Footsutra position that tickles your fancy, you could walk around with her in the Princess Ascension position. Lock yourself in the Eden position while you perform chores. Or get down and dirty in the Eclipse, Heaven's Ladder, or Hydra positions.

Want to take things to the next level? Photograph yourself with Nuala in as many Footsutra positions as possible. Let her take control. Let her own you. Place these images around your home, your apartment, or residence. At every turn, you see the pleasure and excitement Nuala brings you. Her penetrating stare and her smug expression that proves you are indeed, her bitch.

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Introducing the sex doll, Ifrah


Next, we have Ifrah (above and below), a 165 cm | 5'4" F-Cup sex doll with fantastic legs and flexibility for the most difficult Footsutra positions. This fiery red head is sure to take your Footsutra game to the next level. So, for those of you with a passion for the Footsutra, and fantasies about redheads, Ifrah is a great sex doll to bring your fantasies into reality.

She possesses some fantastic legs to be placed in any number of Footsutra positions. Not only that, she possesses some spectacular feet to be shoved into your face during any number of current and upcoming Footsutra positions.


Introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI)

While the introduction of AI is still in its infancy, these unique sex dolls can speak, blink their eyes (wink), move their mouth, nod, and much more. Although these AI-powered sex dolls cannot move on their own yet, they can easily be positioned into any of the desired foreplay or intercourse Footsutra positions. They can also be set up to perform both setup and erotic techniques mentioned in each Footsutra position.

Furthermore, these AI-powered dolls are equipped with deep learning and pathing that help the doll understand your desires, wants, and needs.

Start exploring the selection of AI-powered sex dolls today and take your Footsutra play to the next level.

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The sex doll below, Deloris, is in a perfect position to perform a Guillotine on you. Why rely on imagination when you can experience the thrill of the position in reality? Escorts are risky and carry potential criminal and civil penalties. However, sex dolls serve one purpose: giving you pleasure. You can easily place yourself in the Guillotine and then masturbate with her feet in your face. Besides, you can even put her hands around your waist in the Guillotine, and experience the position yourself.