In the Footsutra, Synchronicity is an erotic foot fetish technique used by a girl against a boy in the Sand Trap foot fetish position.

This post provides a further discussion of the Synchronicity erotic technique found within the Sand Trap position. More information on the Sand Trap position can be found here: Click here to visit the Sand Trap Position

As a reminder, an erotic technique is a method, action, or maneuver that a girl uses to make a boy orgasm and obey, but may these techniques may also be used to humiliate and control the boy.

Again, the Synchronicity technique is used within the Sand Trap position. The synchronicity technique is an erotic technique designed to slap her feet into the boy's face simultaneously, one after the other. In essence, the girl uses her feet like the boy's face is a gas pedal and a brake pedal. Either using one of her feet to control his face or switching back and forth between the two at her own will.

Synchronous Stroking

The art of synchronous stroking occurs when the girl moves her hands (palms) up and down the length of the boy's penis and shaft while smacking her feet in his face. When one of her feet slaps his face (sole impacts his face), her grip slides up his shaft. And when her other foot (sole) impacts his face, her hand slides back down her shaft. In essence, whenever one of her soles slaps and hits his face, she either strokes up or down the entire length of his shaft.

For further advice, it is recommended to start this very slowly, as sort of a tease. For example, the girl slaps his face once with her sole and slowly strokes up his shaft. Dirty talk is recommended here: "You like that, don't you?" or something similar. Next, the girl slaps his face again with her second sole and then slides her hand back down (or up, depending on the direction she went first) his shaft. Slowly, she increases the rate she slaps his face with her soles, while at the same time gradually increasing the frequency that she slides and strokes his shaft up and down.

Synchronous Sucking

Like the stroking discussed above, at times, the girl may be able to give the boy oral during the Sand Trap position. However, this requires some very great flexibility, and may not be possible for all girls who place boys in the Sand Trap position. Likewise, when the girl slaps him with one of her soles, her mouth slides down his shaft. And when she hits him with her other foot, her mouth slides up the length of his shaft. As with the stroking, it is recommended to start slow. Build up heightens the pleasure received.

Synchronous Foot-Sucking

This type of Synchronicity involves the girl sticking one or both feet into the boy's mouth while either stroking or sucking on the boy's penis. Again, this will depend on the flexibility of the girl. The more common method for this form of Synchronicity is the girl inserting one or both feet into the boy's mouth. And thus, making him suck on her feet while she either strokes or sucks his penis.

The girl has a couple of different options on how to do this. For example, the girl points and moves one of her feet directly in front of the boy's lips. She may use dirty talk here or issue a command: "Put your lips over my toes, and I will put my lips on your penis." One of two situations may occur when his lips go onto her toes. Either she pushes her foot further into his mouth or pushes his own lips down as far as he can onto her foot. This pulls her foot as far into his mouth as possible. In essence, whether she pushes her foot in and out of his mouth or pushes his own lips up and down, her foot determines how fast she sucks or strokes his penis. Thus, creating Synchronicity.

"Foot Sandwich"

The girl also can smash the boy's head together using her two feet. First, she takes either her right or her left foot and crashes her sole onto the front of his face. Next, she takes her other foot and moves it behind his head. Thus, placing the top of that foot against the back of his head. And finally, she squeezes his head between her feet. She can press and release her pressure on his head with her feet as she strokes or sucks his penis.

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