ARCADIA (Eden Position)

The Setup Technique: Arcadia is found and used to enter the Eden position without transition.

2 months ago

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The Setup Technique "Arcadia" is a Technique found in the Footsutra Foot Fetish Position called Eden

This technique is found within the Eden position.

Arcadia is a setup utilization method that helps achieve the overall Eden position. The following excerpt is taken from the Eden position itself, but let us dive more into this setup technique.

The Arcadia setup technique for the Eden position attempts to enter the position without transition. This is achieved through Arcadia. For Arcadia, the girl uses a similar strategy seen in the Execution Sentence position, where the girl forces the boy to bend over, but still stand (like the boy bent down to pick up something dropped). Likewise, this is a strategy that can be used by the girl, in that she “dropped” something, and asks the boy to pick it up. In contrast to the act of the girl inflicting injury through a kick or punch to the boy’s guy or chest that forces him to hunch over, or bend over, in either pain or discomfort. In turn, regardless of the method used to have the boy bend over, this gives the girl access to the setup technique, and a potential gateway into Eden.

Cunning and Devious Setup

The Arcadia setup technique is an aggressive maneuver designed to force the Eden without the transitional process seen in the Guillotine Arc, or similar processes. This aggressive setup technique forces the boy over using pain, violence, or some other mechanism. In similar experiences, a girl kicks the boy in the stomach so hard he hits a wall and bounces off of it. When the boy recoils back towards the girl, she uses the momentum to force him over and jump straddles his back. Depending on height, sometimes the girl’s feet will still be on the ground even while she rides his back reverse.

Reminder of the position: The boy is standing, but bent all the way over like he is picking something up off the ground. The girl force mounts his back, similar to a horse while the boy stands in this bent over fashion. This mount is in reverse, so the girl rides the boy’s back backwards rather than in the traditional way.

The height differences between boy and girl are of importance here. The girl’s bare feet may be on the ground while she mounts the boy in reverse. Or, the girl may be on her tip toes. Nevertheless, the girl will need to force him to the ground, or get her feet into his face while he stands in this bent over fashion.


Published 2 months ago