The Sand Trap is a Footsutra Foreplay and Control Foot Fetish Position

The Sand Trap is a Footsutra foreplay and ejaculatory position that utilizes the Erotic Techniques Synchronicity and Fountain.

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In the "Sand Trap" foot fetish position, the boy has his foot fetish indulged with the girl in control of his face, chest, and penis.

The Sand Trap foot fetish position involves the use of foot fetish games, foot fetish toys, and foot fetish sex. Such sex includes stroking and oral sex with the girl moving her mouth along his penis while she indulges his sexy foot fetish. Ultimately, this position puts the boy into foot fetish sessions by a foot fetish girl. This leads to one of the best foot fetish experiences by a girl who learns how to use foot domination.

The Sand Trap is a flipped, rotated position of the Guillotine. The position starts in the traditional Guillotine. However, setup techniques are described below to enter the position cold, without transition from the Guillotine position.

Next, the girl flips the guy over or rolls off to the side into the Sand Trap. In other words, the Guillotine flips 180 degrees, with the boy and girl on their backs. The best way to describe this position is with the sketch. The sketch and artist rendition gives an overall representation of the Sand Trap. Traditionally, this position weakens the boy into submission to achieve the primary goal of Eden. If the boy resists or is being difficult, flipping into the Sand Trap may weaken him. Also, the Sand Trap results from a boy being resistant to the Guillotine position to punish him. However, if the boy ends up liking this position, then the Sand Trap can be used for pleasure as opposed to punishment.

The Sand Trap Foot Fetish Sex Position places the girl's sexy feet, soles, and toes in the boy's face while the girl squeezes his chest with her legs. Also, the Sand Trap is a femdom foot fetish position.

Setup Technique: Scarab

The Scarab is a setup technique on how to enter the Sand Trap position without transition.

Typically, the Sand Trap is entered via transition, and 180-degree roll, from the Guillotine. However, there is a method to set up the position without this transition. Called the Scarab, this setup technique begins in a couple of different ways. First, the girl can enter a traditional piggyback ride on the boy. To start, the boy stands, she runs up and jumps onto his back. This is a prevalent position, the piggyback ride, seen all over the world. Whether the girl runs up and jumps on the boy, or simply stands behind him and jumps on, is not crucial as both achieve a piggyback.

The purpose of the piggyback ride, in this case, is to maneuver the boy to the ground; or to fall backward. If you are familiar with the rear-naked choke in martial arts (MMA), you hope to achieve this. If you do not know what that is, the girl is still in a piggyback on the boy, but instead of the boy standing, they lie down on their back. To achieve this, the girl wrestles the boy to the ground or makes him lose his balance, so he falls. If he falls forward onto his hands and knees, she rolls him to the side. Finally, both of their backs are on the ground with the boy’s back on top of the girl.

Next, the girl maneuvers herself 180 degrees, rotating her body underneath the boy while maintaining her grip, similar to that of a scarab. Once the girl turns her body entirely, the Sand Trap will be locked in as well as her feet starting to control his face.


Virtue I - Smell

This is an essential virtue in the Sand Trap position due to the girl's feet being in the boy's face. With her feet and soles slapping, moving, and smothering the boy's face in this position, the smell plays a key and vital role. Whether the boy likes sweaty, nasty, or gross smelling feet, or whether he wants rose, beautiful, or clean smelling feet does not matter. The boy's preference is what the girl should aim to do in the smell of virtue. For example, if the boy likes sweaty, and foul-smelling feet, then the girl should utilize the Sand Trap immediately following a workout after she removes her shoes and socks.

Virtue II - Type

The type of foot here plays a role due to the nature of her feet being in his face. Traditionally, more full soles tend to cover the boy's feet in its entirety. However, longer soles sometimes stretch the length of his face, making it more pleasurable for the boy to feel the full range of her feet from toes to her soles/arch, and finally to her heels. It is very erotic to have a girl's foot extend the boy's face.

Virtue III - Texture

Texture plays a role, again, due to the girl having her soles and feet in general, in the boy's face.

Important Traits for the Sand Trap Position

Below describe three additional traits in maximizing pleasure, control, or other in the Sand Trap position.


The Sand Trap position relies on strength for the girl to restrict and limit the boy's movement. The girl uses her thigh/leg muscles to press into his diaphragm and restrict breathing through pressure. In turn, this elicits more control. Furthermore, if the girl possesses strength in her arms, she wraps her arms around the boy's legs. Thus, holding them in place. While the drawings show the girl wrapping her arms in a certain way, there are other ways to restrict movement. Furthermore, the Sand Trap's strength enables the girl to rotate the boy left or right or keep him still. It is possible to flip the boy 180 degrees into a different type of Guillotine where the boy lies flat on his stomach instead of all fours.


The Sand Trap position does depend on some level of confidence, just like all Footsutra positions. This is where the femdom comes into play. Even before the position begins, and during the position itself, the girl must have confidence in her ability to effectively execute the position. If the girl starts to question herself, or question or ask the boy if she is doing the position correctly, this is a turn-off (well, it is for me anyway).

The key to confidence, especially in a trap such as this position, is taunting. Taunting will use verbal and non-verbal commands to rely on the message that the girl is in charge. Also, being rude, mean, or hateful demonstrates confidence and the ability to execute the position flawlessly. As confidence rises, more augmented and enhanced methods of restrictions occur, such as tying his hands behind his back before the Sand Trap.

Note about augmentation, enhancements, and restrictions: Such acts through handcuffs, rope, or other forms of bondage, including ball gags, masks, blindfolds, and others, require a high level of both confidence and trust. However, the use of such augmentation, enhancements, and restrictions may drastically increase the amount of pleasure received. For example, many sexual initiations are the result of a play, such as play wrestling or play fighting.


Since this position possesses the ability to limit breathing, but not necessarily restrict breathing entirely, a degree of trust, or safe words, may be needed for this position. However, it is theoretically possible for the girl to restrict breathing pressing the soles of her feet into his face and covering the nose and mouth used in breath.


Humiliation Level: Three out of Five Stars

Humiliation Factors: A humiliation level of three for the Sand Trap arises from the boy’s potentially exposed penis. Since this represents the flipped version of the Guillotine (although, in this position, both the boy and girl are flat on the ground), the boy’s penis exposes itself if not wearing clothes. In contrast, in the Guillotine, despite the boy being naked, his penis hides from view from the girl and any other onlooker.

This is not the case in the Sand Trap. All the while, the girl’s feet cover the boy’s face while she slaps, rubs, and makes him inhale her scent and stare at her soles. Also, stroking the boy increases the humiliation level due to feeling exposed. Lastly, being flipped over by a girl alone provides a degree of humiliation since flipping heightens the appearance of control by the girl. Both humiliation and power/control represent two compelling sexual motivators regardless of the sexual act performed.

Dominance Level: Four out of Five Stars

Dominance Factors: The dominance level of four in the Sand Trap arises from the girl’s ability to restrict breathing using her legs. In this position, as similarly seen in the Guillotine, the girl’s legs are around his rib cage or diaphragm. Should the girl elect to squeeze his chest with her legs, his breathing would be limited. For example, if the boy still struggles in this position, the legs' squeezing is recommended to demand obedience to the position. Obedience, control, and restriction increase the pleasure experienced and may lead him closer to orgasm.

Erotic Technique #1: Synchronicity

Once the Sand Trap is achieved, the girl begins the Synchronicity technique.

The Sand Trap variant is more unique than some of the others. This position gives the girl more control over her feet, as well as more freedom. In this position, the girl possesses free reign of control over the boy’s face versus other variants. It is easier for the girl to move her feet around on the boy’s face. Furthermore, this position makes it easier for her to slap, squeeze, and rub his face with her feet.

There is some utilization of control where the girl has her arms wrapped around the boy’s legs to prevent movement. Also, with the girl’s legs in this position, she may squeeze his diaphragm and restrict breathing. Using her feet, the girl creates what I like to call Synchronicity, where the girl can simultaneously slap his face with her feet. One-by-one, her soles slam into his face. This results in moaning and allows her to shove her toes into his mouth.

Furthermore, the girl may also create a “Foot Sandwich” where the girl places the sole of one of her feet on his face and moves her other foot behind his head. One of her soles presses onto the front, while the top of her other foot pushes against his head. Also, depending on the girl's flexibility, she may arc her foot and shove one foot down his mouth. Using her toes first while her other foot remains at the back of his head. If successful, the girl then moves his lips up and down her foot or makes him suck harder on her toes in his mouth.


Erotic Technique #2: The Fountain

The Fountain technique is a very pleasurable form of punishment should the boy continue to resist or struggle. While using the methods and suggestions above (to restrict breathing), the girl may choose to remove his pants or zip them down. If his erect penis becomes exposed, this enables the girl to use The Fountain technique. This unique technique can only be achieved if the boy is naked, and has his penis exposed.

Using a combination of Technique #1, the girl strokes his penis and perhaps spits into her hand to allow for easier stroking. Depending on flexibility, the girl may give him oral in this position. Technique #2, The Fountain, gets the name from a boy achieving orgasm in this position. If the boy orgasms from continuous foot pleasure to his face, and her stroking his penis, his cum will shoot up, similar to a fountain. Furthermore, the girl can aim his penis to shoot the cum in the direction she desires.

The girl could also flip and rotate the boy around multiple times to show off her foot fetish dominance and foot fetish control.

Best Sexual Practices

What are the best sexual practices for the Sand Trap?

Remember, this position exhibits a higher level of dominance by the girl and commands demonstrations. Further control may be achieved if the girl were to cuff the boy’s ankles together, or better yet, cuff his hands behind his back (only in this position). Therefore, with the boy unable to move his legs or arms/wrists, this gives the girl more time to focus on using her feet and stroking him rather than worrying about keeping him under her control.

The Sand Trap is a position of universal control, where no matter how the boy tries to escape, another Footsutra position waits for him. Vocal demands and the girl exhibiting vocal power is also important. For example, issuing taunts, insults, and other statements can increase pleasure.



Location does matter for foreplay and is argued to be just as important as the foreplay itself. However, this position can exceed foreplay if it led to orgasm via one of the techniques described above or discovered yourself via sexual play. Some of the more abnormal settings, such as a dressing room, park, or another, may elicit higher sexual responses and pleasure due to the risk of performing such acts. That is not to say home, apartment, or condo settings are annoying, but the risk can heighten the pleasure experienced. As described in the Guillotine article, playing the Humiliation Entertainment game in abnormal settings is one of the most erotic experiences someone or a couple can experience.


If using this position, a fight for control occurs, or the boy has been struggling or resisting the positions. If the boy wishes to try and escape, the movement for him will be strenuous. Despite if the boy can roll back over, then the boy re-enters the Guillotine (Guillotine), although he would not be on all fours since he would roll over onto his stomach.

The Sand Trap utilizes more control, but not in terms of breathing, like the Execution Sentence. More so in terms of pinning and restricting. Likewise, this can coincide with the Enhanced Guillotine, where the boy’s hands are bound behind his back. This exhibits more control with the arms/hands being useless and the legs being pinned down. This gives the girl free reign over his face with her feet.

Furthermore, she slips her feet into his mouth and uses her other foot to shove his mouth down her foot. In essence, the boy’s head can be pinned between her feet—one foot in his mouth, or on his face, and one foot behind his head. Further restraint is achieved by making sure his wrists are cuffed, bound, or tied behind his back before the transition. With his legs wrapped in her arms, the girl has control. In turn, this leaves the boy nothing to do but suck, worship, and lick her feet with his penis pleasured.

Sand Trap into Guillotine

If the boy does manage to roll back over, then the Guillotine is achieved once again. If the boy rolls back over, either onto his hands and knees or stomach, both re-enter the Guillotine. The girl then uses her legs and momentum to flip him back over into the Sand Trap. This will wear him down and make escape harder to accomplish. The more successful transitions between Guillotine positions, the more humiliation, and embarrassment the man experiences.

Sometimes the best use of the Guillotine is by surprise or caught off-guard. And rolling into the Sand Trap is a great way to find a surprise, especially if the binding is a part of the position as seen in the Enhanced Guillotine. While the Guillotine position is good, switching and changing the routine may be better. It is best practice to continue changing stances and taunts every so often. Why? Because stationary, continuous, repetitive behavior is tiresome. This applies to sexual encounters of any nature. Project Footsutra suggests trial and error see which positions, taunts, or descriptions create the most pleasure.


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