Heaven's Ladder is a Sexual Intercourse Foot Fetish Position

The Heaven's Ladder is a Footsutra sexual intercourse position that utilizes The Climb and Spread Eagle Erotic Techniques.

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The Heaven's Ladder is a foot fetish sex position that allows for penetration while having the girl's feet in the boy's face.

The following describes the Heaven’s Ladder Footsutra position. Heaven’s Ladder is an intercourse position designed to have feet in the face during sex and utilizes The Climb technique.

Heaven’s Ladder portrays an intercourse technique designed to have feet in the face during penetration. The purpose of this position is for the boy to be able to thrust into the girl’s vagina. While having her feet in, on, or around his face, or to have her feet within his line-of-sight. The position starts with the boy between the girl’s legs as she lies down on the surface (bed, floor, etc.). Next, the boy spreads her legs and kneels in between them. Once he is in position, the girl can already move her feet up into his face if she wants. Assuming he is already erect, he then inserts his penis into her vagina. The boy can perform thrusting from kneeling on the bed, with the girl in front. However, the preferred method is standing.

The above represents a color artist's rendition of the Heaven's Ladder foot fetish sex position.

Setup Techniques are used to help a girl force a boy into the Heaven's Ladder foot fetish sex position

The first setup technique in the Heaven's Ladder foot fetish sex position is called Hell's Ascent

Hell's Ascent is the first setup technique in the Heaven's Ladder position. The girl begins by jumping up onto the boy, and wraps her legs around his waist. Obviously, this will lead to making out, kissing, hair pulling and tugging, and the undressing of clothes if I had to guess. In most cases, the boy slams the girl onto the bed, with the girl landing on her back and the boy on top of her. Should the boy have a foot fetish (which is assumed the reason anyone visits the Footsutra), the Hell's Ascent setup technique occurs when the girl moves her feet up into the boy's face.

When the girl is slammed on the bed, her legs are still around his waist, with her feet on his lower back. Next, the girl unlocks her feet and swings them up onto his face. The girl may access two different positions when she swings her legs up. She can either enter the Eclipse position, or the Heaven's Ladder position. However, her purpose remains the same. And that is to get her soles planted onto his face. Once this happens, she establishes control and her femdom can begin. The girl pushes his face up, which makes the boy rise into the Heaven's Ladder position.

The Hell's Ascent comes from the girl moving her feet and swinging them up into the boy's face.

Erotic Techniques are used to make a boy orgasm against his will, or to follow some other instruction in the Heaven's Ladder foot fetish sex position

The first erotic technique in the Heaven's Ladder position is The Climb

To assert some type of control with her feet, the girl uses her feet to climb up the girl’s body. For example, once the boy is between her legs, she taunts and commands, indicating that he only gets her feet into his face if he follows specific instructions. These instructions can be vanilla in nature, to help the girl achieve what she desires.

The more vanilla acts performed (for example, the girl may demand to be kissed, have her breasts sucked on, etc.), the higher her feet go, and the closer her feet get to his face and mouth and nose. Furthermore, the climb begins with her feet flat on the surface or dangling above the floor. In this case, the girl knows the boy wants her feet in his face, mouth, or smell. Instead of giving him what he desires, she can portray some dominance by refusing to provide him with her feet until certain conditions are met.

The second erotic technique in the Heaven's Ladder foot fetish position is called Spread Eagle

A spread eagle can also be performed in this position. The girl spreads her legs wide apart, revealing her vagina, pussy, and asshole to whoever is around to see it. The boy can force a spread eagle, by grabbing the girl’s feet and pushing each of them far to the side; this makes the girl create a wide V-shape with her legs while the boy continues to thrust. Not only are her feet and soles showing in this position, but everything else shows as well.

Humiliation Level for the Heaven's Ladder Foot Fetish Sex Position: Two out of Five Stars

Humiliation Factors: A humiliation score of two out of five is due to having feet in the face. The nature of having feet in someone’s face is in itself, humiliating, despite whether that person enjoys it. However, the girl may experience humiliation in this position due to her penetration.

Dominance Level for the Heaven's Ladder Foot Fetish Sex Position: Two out of Five Stars

Dominance Factors: A low dominance level of two out of five indicates almost a complete lack of dominance. It remains difficult for a girl to show dominance during intercourse; due to penetration. Arguably, the boy is the one who shows dominance during the Heaven’s Ladder position. However, this dominance changes scale once her feet get into his face and/or mouth. The only alternative to where a girl builds dominance utilizes a technique called “The Climb,” described below.


There are three important traits to consider for the Heaven's Ladder foot fetish position

Trait I: Strength

The Heaven’s Ladder position does not necessarily rely on strength to execute effectively. However, some leg or upper leg strength could prove useful for girls in this position. In essence, the more power a girl has, the higher the allotted time to hold the position. The more strength a girl has, the easier it will be to hold this position for more extended periods. Ultimately, in terms of the boy, it is the boy’s responsibility to possess the strength needed to achieve orgasm for both him and his partner. Therefore, the boy needs to make sure he is the strength and endurance to maintain the position to completion; or unless the position changes to another position entirely.

Trait II: Confidence

The virtue of confidence applies more to the girl in this position than the boy; who simply has feet shoved in his feet and his penis shoved in the girl’s vagina. However, for the girl, she needs to have confidence in setting up the position. Also, she needs to possess faith in her ability to simultaneously using her feet to slap his face or rub her soles on his face while being penetrated. This is not as easy as the task may appear. It is recommended for the girl to attempt using one foot to start. In contrast, her other foot remains stationary on his shoulder or neck, as demonstrated in the picture. Once she can master the use of one foot and other sexual stimuli, she should attempt to learn the use of both feet during penetration.

Trait III: Trust

The Trust virtue rarely presents itself in this position, as there is nothing potentially dangerous or hazardous to fear. There are no lifts or any otherwise dangerous situation requiring the need to cater to trust between the boy or girl.

To achieve the standing version of Heaven’s Ladder, the girl sits on the edge of the bed and then falls backward. Therefore, her upper body lies on the bed, with her legs and feet dangling or on the floor. Depending on how far the bed's surface sits from the level of the room. Next, the boy stands in front of the bed and adjusts his knees to achieve the height needed. Once aligned, he grabs her legs and hoists them up. Or she lifts her legs up herself to open her vagina and moves her feet into the air. He inserts his penis into her vagina while she covers his face with her soles.

Administrator Notes are tools and handwritten guides to help facilitate learning and execution of the Heaven's Ladder position.


There are many methods to utilize in the Heaven's Ladder foot fetish position such as settings, teasing, guidelines, best sexual practices, and transitions

There are many possible teasing options due to the nature of this position. For example, the girl sits on the edge of the bed naked, with her legs and feet dangling in the air and not touching the ground. Next, she falls and lies her upper body on the bed while bringing her legs up. Then, she spreads her legs, soles facing the doorway when her husband, boyfriend, one-night stand, etc. walks in. Another excellent example of this is if a girl calls her husband, boyfriend, etc. that dinner is ready, and she is in this position, using the dining room or dinner table as the bed. There are many other teasing options, but these are the ones that come to mind.

The Administrator Notes for the Heaven's Ladder helps facilitate understanding and guidance in the position.

Here are some of the best sexual practices for the Heaven's Ladder foot fetish sex position

Unless the girl teases, as described above, generally this is a position achieved after rounds of foreplay. An excellent example of this is successfully completing the Guillotine sequence before actually performing intercourse. Naturally, a boy (or girl) with a foot fetish will have no problem achieving orgasm even if penetration does not occur. Therefore, if the girl's end result is to be penetrated, it is best to save the boy’s orgasm for actual intercourse, rather than in a non-intercourse related position. In other words, having the boy orgasm without performing any type of vanilla or intercourse does not provide the girl with pleasure. In turn, this can create problems in a boyfriend/girlfriend/other relationship due to only one person receiving pleasure. Joy is not a one-way street and should be experienced by both parties.

It may take experimentation to find the best surfaces, platforms, and settings for this position. Not all surfaces and heights work, and also depends on the height of both the boy and the girl. In some cases, perhaps the bed is not the best height, but the kitchen table is the great height.

The best possible locations and settings for the Heaven's Ladder foot fetish position

In terms of the home environment, the preferred locations for this position are the bedroom and the kitchen. A bathroom generally does not provide the space necessary to use this position to the fullest. However, there are potentially large counters in a kitchen, not to mention the table that she can use to tease. The bedroom itself exhibits plenty of space due to the bed being in there. Another possibility for this position is the couch, depending on the height and length of the sofa. Lastly, a last possible position is on a balcony or patio, given that there is a table within the space to utilize.

There are not many guidelines for this position due to the lack of binding, bondage, and restriction; however, it could always be applied. Caution, safe words, and tap-outs are strongly encouraged to prevent any long-term damage resulting from bondage or any other type of restrictive play.


The best possible transitions from the Heaven's Ladder foot fetish position to other Footsutra positions and techniques

Heaven's Ladder into The Facial

Heaven’s Ladder position transitions well into The Eclipse, another intercourse technique explicitly designed for foot fetishism. Regardless of whether the boy stands, or is kneeling during Heaven’s Ladder position, The Facial position transitions by having the girl’s feet in the boy’s face, while the boy continues to lean forward. Now, the boy lies over the girl, with her feet collapsed on his face. This enables him to thrust and pound his penis into her vagina.


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