The Guillotine is a Footsutra Foreplay and an Ejaculatory Position

The Guillotine is a Footsutra foreplay position that utilizes the Airline and Trickster Setup Techniques and the Portal Erotic Technique.

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The "Guillotine" Foot Fetish Position consists of foot fetish games, foot fetish sex, and foot fetish experiences.

Many foot fetish games, foot fetish toys, and foot fetish sex exists in the "Guillotine" position. This position utilizes handjobs while the girl has her feet in the boy's face. Sometimes, this leads to a foot fetish cum with feet and soles shoved in the boy's face. Furthermore, this is a femdom sex position for those boys who have a foot fetish. The Guillotine helps girls establish foot domination and enhances her control over the boy. Read on to learn the position.

The Guillotine places the boy down on his hands and knees. Once the boy falls onto all fours, the girl then mounts him like a horse; however, this non-traditional mount occurs in the reverse fashion. In other words, the girl faces the opposite direction than a regular pony ride. Once the girl straddles his back, she then slips her feet between his arms to plant on his face. The girl may have to lean forward to find the correct angle. Thus, giving her control of his face with her feet. This enables her to slap his face and shove her soles into his face.

The Guillotine is a unique foreplay foot fetish position with many possibilities including pleasure and femdom.

Foot Fetish Setup Techniques that are used to enter the Guillotine Foot Fetish position

One of the first foot fetish setup techniques is called Airline

One possible entrance technique is known as Airline, and is used to help enter the Guillotine. Mostly, the girl wants the boy to bend over, either against his will or obediently. There are quite a few options for this. First, a swift kick to the stomach can initiate the boy bending over rather quickly. However, sometimes this is not recommended due to potential injury or danger. Although, this will cause the boy to bend over nonetheless.

Second, the girl can make him bend over by force. The girl grabs his neck and forces him down while the boy and girl stand face-to-face. Regardless of the method used to force the boy to bend over, the Setup Technique: Airline forces the boy's arms out and extends them to his sides. The boy stands, bent over, with his arms out like an airplane. This is the cue for the girl to hop on. Once the girl mounts his back, in reverse typical of the Guillotine position, the boy lowers down onto his hands and knees, slowly from the standing position. As the boy lowers to the ground with the girl on his back in reverse, the girl balances herself and leans forward. As the boy drops, the more the girl moves her feet closer to his feet. This setup technique is meant to tease, not to satisfy immediately. The boy receives pleasure when he obeys and lowers down into the classic Guillotine position. The closer the boy gets to be on all fours, the more her feet he receives. And thus, the more pleasure he receives.

A second foot fetish setup technique for the Guillotine is called Trickster.

The Setup Technique: Trickster is a setup technique that utilizes cunning and trickery. In this setup technique, the girl essentially sets up the boy by tricking him into getting on his hands and knees. If the girl tricks the boy into getting on his knees, the girl can kick him in the back with her barefoot and force him down the rest of the way. If the boy bends over (say, to pick something up), then she can jump mount and either start another setup technique or simply wrestle him down to the ground and force him into the all-fours position.

One of the classic tricks in this setup technique is to say you need something fixed, so underneath the sink, down inside a cabinet, or other low-surface. You want to make sure that the thing you want to be fixed is near the ground so that the boy has to get down onto all fours to access it. For example, if the girl says she saw a leak underneath the sink, naturally, the boy should look at it. He will be on all fours, and in ample position to start the Guillotine.

Also, this setup technique works with any situation that requires the boy to get onto all fours. Whether that be to fix something that does not need to be fixed (like a sink) or something else entirely. The girl should know what trickery methods work best on her boy to get him into the position that she desires. Depending on the dominance level and how comfortable to the girl feels will determine the trickery level.

Lastly, a reliable piggyback ride may also lead to the Guillotine position should the girl know the best methods to maneuver. First, the girl jumps up onto the boy's back, like a standard piggyback ride. If the girl wishes to Guillotine, she crosses her ankles together in front of the boy and pushes down. With her crossed ankles that lock together in front of him, she pushes down on his head and neck with one hand and presses toward his upper back. If done correctly, this will force the boy to bend over and gives the girl a platform to spin herself around into the classic guillotine position (reverse pony).

Ideally, and best practice, involves the girl forcing the boy onto all fours to start the position. If the girl asks the boy to get onto all fours, it does not have the same pleasurable effect as being forced. While the methods above and described throughout this position are suggestions to enter the position, they are not the only methods. Chances are through experimentation and practice, a boy and girl will find alternative methods to utilize the Guillotine position. The setup, mount, and pony ride is considered successful when she straddles him in the reverse position, whether he is bent over or down on all fours.

Another artist rendition of the foot fetish position called the Guillotine.

Foot Fetish Erotic Techniques are used to make a boy orgasm (usually against his will) or to comply with another femdom command in the Guillotine foot fetish sex position.

One of the main Guillotine erotic techniques is called Portal.

The Guillotine is a portal into other Footsutra positions due to the ease of transition. In other words, the Guillotine gives the girl control to move the boy in any way she desires. If the boy squirms or tries to break free of the positions, the girl still asserts authority due to this Portal technique. In this position, the pleasure the boy feels will know that the Guillotine position easily transitions into other positions that the girl may want to perform. Furthermore, this position makes it easy for the girl to taunt in this position. The following lists some sample taunts seen in the Guillotine:

“Crawl around while you sniff and inhale my feet.”
“You like those soles don’t you?”
“Beg and I will slap you with them.”
“Take a deep breath.”
“That’s it, on your knees, bent over like a foot slave.”

Various moves and techniques exist for getting into these positions. Due to the dominant nature of this position, the girl forces the boy onto the ground and on all fours. For example, she can kick the boy in the stomach with her barefoot, causing him to buckle forward. Next, she grabs the back of his neck and forces him down on the ground on all fours. And lastly, she can jump straddle his back in the reverse style and begin the position and dominance.

Clearly, this is not the only way a girl can get a boy into this position but is at least one example. A second example could be approaching the boy from behind, and tripping him forward, as previously mentioned. Limited movement or stationary positions lead to boredom. Taunts with threats such as “Crawl or my feet leave your face,” leads to the boy obeying to keep her feet in his face.

Humiliation Level for the foot fetish position the Guillotine: Three out of Five Stars

Humiliation Factors: The humiliation level of three for the Guillotine proceeds due to the many gateways these positions open. Imagine forced into this position in front of others. You would be in the submissive position because the girl can kick you with her feet. Also, she may flex her arms while riding, and all the while, what could you do? If you rise to your knees, you are now in the Praying Mantis position, stand up, and are currently in the Eden position. Next, if you try and rollover, you are currently in the Sand Trap. The Guillotine opens up these variant positions of the Guillotine, along with many others. No matter what you try, a Guillotine position awaits you.

Dominance Level of the foot fetish position the Guillotine: Three out of Five Stars

Dominance Factors: The dominance level of three for The Guillotine gives power to the girl, who rides the boy. There are many options that she can utilize for a boy who does not cooperate. For example, she could spank him, as she would have straightforward access to slap him on the ass. Furthermore, the girl also removes his pants and boxers, should she choose, assuming he already wore clothes.

The Guillotine position's main goal is to get the boy into the Eden position, giving universal control and access. However, sometimes the boy will not last and will orgasm before the Eden being achieved. Orgasm may occur in any Guillotine positions (the other Guillotine positions being Praying Mantis, Pyramid, Sand Trap, and Eden). The Guillotine positions utilize a girl’s sense of control over her partner, who remains down on all fours. For the most part, the girl represents the dominant in these positions or the individual riding. More play can be obtained if both individuals are naked.

Furthermore, if both the girl and boy are naked, or, if simply the boy is naked, this enables the girl to assert more control and dominance. The girl reaches around his waist and starts to stroke him, all while making sure her feet are in his face. She makes him smell, lick, or worship them. However, sometimes girls do not know how to be dominant. Dominance takes time, and learning to control takes time. Therefore, the Guillotine position represents an excellent place to start and learning the art of dominance. Besides, if the boy continues to struggle or resist the situation, the girl can elect to squeeze his rib cage and chest with her legs, restricting breathing.

Three important traits to consider for the Guillotine foot fetish position

Trait I: Strength

Strength is defined as the ability to maintain, hold, and execute positions, including transitions to and from positions, while simultaneously stimulating the penis, vagina, or other pleasure centers. For the Guillotine, the strong emphasis comes into play at the very beginning. And that beginning is the mindset. The question becomes, how am I going to get this person onto all fours? Forcing into a position elicits more pleasure and means a better experience. Thus, requires strength to both get into the Guillotine and other positions.

Trait II: Confidence

Confidence is defined as the ability to perform and execute transitions, positions, and pleasure without doubt, hesitation, permission, or stalling. In essence, a girl with high confidence plays transitioning into and out of the Guillotine without hesitation. If a girl second-guesses or questions herself when attempting the position, the pleasure for both the girl and boy decreases.

Trait III: Trust

Trust is defined as the girl's ability to place pleasure and feet into the face, hands, or around the penis of the boy without fear of danger, injury, or neglect. In essence, trust is the virtue that acts both for the girl and the boy, where the girl does not fear, worry, or feel weird or strange about using her feet. The boy feels safe that she will not kick, injure, or restrict breathing for long periods. In my experience, this position comes off as awkward and also feels awkward to experience the first time.

This is where trust comes into play. The boy experiences pleasure if the girl’s feet get into his face in the Guillotine. Once he moans and shows that he enjoys it, the girl gains confidence. As trust, confidence, and strength increase, the boy's pleasure increases while the girl's power increases.


Best Sexual Practices

How do I increase my pleasure in the Guillotine?

Exploration and utilization leads to more fun and enhance sexual encounters and experiences. One sexual practice makes sure the boy and girl remain clothes on, including the girl, not barefoot and shoes and socks. Once she forces him into this position or enters his position willingly, she can demand that he take her shoes and socks off. Therefore, once she is barefoot, she can smack and play around with his face and make sure he inhales the scent of her feet. Also, while he removes her shoes and socks, she can be removing his belt, pants, and underwear to fully expose him. It is safe to assume that he will be distracted by wanting her shoes and socks off to show the soles of her feet, which gives her ample time to remove his pants and boxers and/or other clothing.

In some cases, the Guillotine does not require clothing at all. However, it can start out that way, and while in the position, the girl has easy access to the pants, jeans, shorts, etc. that the boy wears. In other words, this position makes it easy for the girl to lower his pants and start to stroke his penis while using her feet on his face. However, whether clothing is on or off, this position is sure a great place to begin exploring the Footsutra.


Sexual Games

Regardless if you are into sexual games or not, here is a popular one seen in the Footsutra. The original game commonly played in the Footsutra is known as Humiliation Entertainment. Humiliation Entertainment is an original game where the object of the game is to make your partner (or opponent) orgasm. Many Footsutra positions can elicit this victory and make the boy orgasm, sometimes before transitions are completed. The boy experiences so much pleasure.

Humiliation Entertainment is a game where the girl wants to make the boy orgasm. If the boy orgasms, the girl wins Humiliation Entertainment. However, if the boy does not orgasm, then the girl fails to achieve victory in Humiliation Entertainment. Generally, a timer is set for the girl. And the girl has the duration of the time set to make the boy orgasm. Typically, bets are made, and if the girl fails to make the boy orgasm in the allotted time, then x happens. Still, if the girl successfully makes the boy orgasm in the allotted time, then y happens. X and y are variables set for terms of victory or defeat in the Humiliation Entertainment game. This varies couple to couple, or in some cases stranger to stranger.

Humiliation Entertainment got its name from how the boy feels when he is forced to orgasm by the girl. Generally, the girl uses the Footsutra as her guide, weaponry, and arsenal, forcing the boy into whatever positions she desires. The Guillotine is one of the most powerful positions in the Footsutra, not because of the position, but what the position may lead to. In other words, the girl enters almost all different Footsutra situations and transitions smoothly into them, if using the Guillotine first. Humiliation Entertainment arose because of others watching someone be forced into positions, with her feet in his face, and then orgasming against his will. Others may laugh at him (if there is an audience or group of individuals watching the boy and girl).


The Guillotine can occur in any place, any location, and at any time. Since it is not a requirement that both the boy and girl be naked, this can be utilized in dressing rooms, for example. The element of surprise is always the best sexual practice to increase pleasure. Unplanned sexual actions, in general, elicit the best reactions and the best orgasms. In the home, this position can be utilized in any environment such as the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bathtub/shower, patio, deck, driveway, and more. For example, making him crawl around on the outside floor in this position will surely heighten the humiliation level.


Let transitions flow naturally. For example, if the boy wants to flip onto his back to escape the position, let him. This just opens the door for another technique found in the Sand Trap. Transitioning into a new position gives the illusion that the boy can get some control back or escape, only for the girl to close that window and trap him in a new position. No matter the positions, whether it be Nessy’s Guillotine or one of the boy Guillotine positions, her feet NEVER leave his face or his field of vision. The Guillotine is meant to enslave and wear down the person or individual used against it until eventually, he succumbs to her feet and orgasms.

The Guillotine acts as a portal into many other Footsutra positions. As a reminder, each transition's purpose is to make sure her feet remain in his face for the duration.

The Guillotine –> Praying Mantis

This is the transition that the girl hopes to achieve, as this follows the Guillotine Sequence towards the Eden position. Once inside the Guillotine, the girl has control and power to perform many different transitions, functions, and more. She can lift up with her legs underneath and between the boy’s arms, ultimately to slam her soles into his face. Naturally, doing so will cause her to fall forward and possibly use his lower legs or ankles for support. With enough strength and maybe help from the boy, she can raise him up onto his knees, completing the Praying Mantis transition. More information on the Praying Mantis may be found in that post.

The Guillotine –> Execution Sentence

The Guillotine transitions into the Execution Sentence with ease. Put simply, the girl places her legs back to each of the boy’s sides, moves back and mounts his neck while still facing the same direction. Described more in the Execution Sentence post, this position is reserved for those men who resist, struggle, or do not seem comfortable with the Guillotine position in general. The Execution Sentence helps maintain more control and compliance while still making sure the boy feels pleasure.

The Guillotine –> Sand Trap

The Guillotine transitions into the Sand Trap by roll and rotation. Once the Guillotine occurs, and in the position, the girl can fall to one side or the other. After falling onto her side, the girl leans forward and aligns her parallel with his body. Next, she wraps her arms around his legs, while keeping herself straddled to his back, and keeps her feet in his face. Finally, she rolls again, this time placing herself on her back, with the boy on top of her and on his back, both of them parallel with the ground. More information on transitioning and the Sand Trap can be found in that post.


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