GUILLOTINE ARC (Eden Position)

The Setup Technique: Guillotine Arc is found and used in the Guillotine, Praying Mantis, and Eden positions.

5 months ago

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The Guillotine Arc is a Setup Technique found in the Footsutra Foot Fetish Position "Eden"

The Guillotine Arc is a setup utilization method that helps achieve the overall Eden position. The following excerpt is taken from the Eden position itself, but let us dive more into this setup technique.

The Guillotine Arc is perhaps the best and safest method to enter Eden. The Guillotine Arc is a set number of transitions that starts with the Guillotine positions, and ends with Eden. In essence, the Arc starts with the following sequence: Guillotine to Praying Mantis and finally to Eden. However, during the transition from the Guillotine to the Praying Mantis, alternative transitions may occur that still result in the Eden finale. For example, if the boy struggles or resists, then perhaps the boy needs to be wore down in order to execute the Guillotine Arc. More on that is described in some of the other positions (see Sand Trap and/or Execution Sentence). The Guillotine Arc helps a couple get into the Eden position, as this position alone is difficult to start in cold. While hard, it is certainly not impossible.

Transition #1: Guillotine Position into Praying Mantis Position

The first transition represents the easiest transition, as the boy rises up onto his knees. Once the girl is in the Guillotine position, and riding his back with her feet covering his face, she then attempts to execute the transition into the Praying Mantis position. The girl may achieve this in several methods or attempts. For example, the girl may reach forward and grab the boys ankles, and then use her legs to push the boy up. However, achieving this transition usually requires some assistance from the boy, and this decreases the dominance of the girl. In other words, if the girl needs to boy to help attempt a position, her dominance and control over him decreases. Therefore, she may elect to withhold pleasure from the boy (if she strokes his penis or is stimulating his penis). Unless the boy rises onto his knees, he will not receive any further stimulation.

Another method a girl can use to maintain dominance is to remove her feet from his face. This method ensures that she remains in control, because the boy wants her feet in his face at all times. Even more important is the physical contact between the soles of her feet to his face. Should she remove her feet, she makes a demand that he must rise up onto his knees. If the boy maintains resistance, she moves her feet away from his field of vision entirely. As a last resort, should the boy struggle, resist, and/or be defiant, and more painful position may be warranted. In other words, rather than a transition into the Praying Mantis, the girl elects to transition into the Execution Sentence or Pyramid positions.

Transition #2: Praying Mantis Position into Eden Position

The final transition, and possibly the hardest of any transition in the Footsutra is the Praying Mantis to Eden. In essence, the boy goes from being on his knees, to standing, while the girl remains in the position that she is in. When the boy is on his knees, the girl will more than likely be hanging upside down, with her feet on his face or in his line of sight. And finally when the boy stands, she will be hanging upside down against his back. For more information and visuals of these positions, please visit their respective posts.

For this transition, it is best for the boy to move to one knee, rather than try to stand up all at once. Once in the Praying Mantis, the boy extends one of his knees forward into a kneeling position (like he is going to propose a marriage or some other similar activity that requires being on one knee). The girl readies for the transition once the boy moves to one knee. She tightens her grip on him, and grabs the back of his legs for support. Next, the boy moves into a squatting position with both of his own feet on the ground. In order to achieve the position successfully, the boy should aim for standing with his legs straight, but bent over. In other words, the position of the boy turns into him picking something up off the ground that he dropped.

To sum up, the boy moved from being on all fours, to on both knees, to one knee, and then with his feet on the floor, but either squatted or bent over. The bent over position has the boys legs straight, with his back as close to a horizontal with the ground as possible. The girl still rides his back, her legs dangling on the side, with her feet on or near his face (typically with her soles facing his face). Next, the boy slowly (slowly) stands up straight, making sure the girl maintains the position and will not fall.

During this transition, her feet may move away from his face, but this is fine for the duration of the transition. For some couples or individuals, it may be difficult for the girl to maintain physical contact between the soles of her feet to his face.


Published 5 months ago