Below are frequently asked questions about the Footsutra and the author(s)

Q: What is the Footsutra?

The Footsutra is the culmination of secret sexual experiments conducted by myself (the Admin) and an ex-girlfriend (Nessy). Many handwritten of these positions and records exist, they are only now being uploaded and shared with the world.

In essence, the Footsutra shows and discusses positions that cater to foot fetishism. There are well over 100 documented positions, but only about 13 have been shared publicly. Each post requires me to hire an artist to depict what the actual positions looks like, as I cannot draw and words sometimes do not send a clear message.

Furthermore, the Footsutra started about 13 years ago during my high school years. The majority of these positions were developed with the help of a girlfriend (Nessy). Rewinding to when I was 15 years old, and still in high school, the Footsutra started with the naming of the Ancient Guillotine position and continued to grow. Nessy and I continued experimenting with more positions and techniques that get her feet into my face, into my mouth, or around my penis. Many of the discovered positions led to orgasm and concluded that some of these positions are more pleasurable than others. However, it all comes down to what positions turn you on the most; as they may be different.

As previously stated, the Footsutra caters to those individuals with a foot fetish. Likewise, it caters to those who have a partner with a foot fetish. One does not need a foot fetish to enjoy and learn from the Footsutra. The Footsutra teaches girls how to dominate with their feet, and the best practices to enhance the lives and pleasure of their partner who has a foot fetish.

Learn, study, and practice the ancient art of foot fetish techniques, positions, and control. I have been willingly and forced into every position seen in the Footsutra. As a result, I have a lot to say and discuss foot fetishism, and I feel the world needs to hear it to share in the pleasure experienced. Creating the Footsutra changed my life, and I hope reading from this helps increase your satisfaction as well (or increase the joy of your partner as you learn to dominate with your feet).

Q: Do you Admin for any other websites?

A: Yes, I also Admin Celebrity Feet in the Pose, which is a research website that helped scientists link fetishes to obsessive-compulsive behavior. Celebrity Feet in the Pose has over 3,170 celebrity poses across 95 countries. You can visit the website at

Q: Is the Footsutra free?

A: Yes.

Q: How many total positions and techniques are in the Footsutra?

A: There are over 100 positions in the handwritten version of the Footsutra. However, there is currently only a handful listed on the website. The reason for this is that I cannot draw to save my life. Nor do I have any artistic ability whatsoever. I still draw stick figures. Therefore, I post new positions when artists have completed renditions of the positions being discussed.

Q: Who is the author(s)?

A: I go by the name Rhea Hayworth. I also created the website.

Q: When did the Footsutra start?

A: I started creating the Footsutra when I was in Grade 3. However, the journal I created when I was in Grade 3 did not turn into the Footsutra until the final years of high school when I realized what I created. In the past, the journal was just a documented guide on how my childhood friend could get her feet into my face, and in what positions she could best do this.

Q: Was it just you who created the Footsutra? Or did you have help?

A: I had some help. Including myself, I had a high school girlfriend named Nessy who contributed and helped fine-tune certain positions.

Q: If you could be placed into Footsutra positions by any celebrity, who would it be and why?

A: Shailene Woodley, no questions asked. I have always found her feet attractive ever since I saw her on the television show The Secret Life of the American Teenager. In my opinion, her feet are the best feet I have ever seen. Why? Well, her feet are longer, and she has amazing arches. Besides, her toes are long and her second toe is longer than her big toe (which for some reason I am very attracted towards in women's feet).

Q: Where in the world are you located?

A: I reside within the United States.

Q: How can we contact you if we have questions or comments?

A: Right now, the best contact method is email: Also, you may contact me using social media such as Twitter and Facebook.