PORTAL into multiple foot fetish positions with this technique

The Erotic Technique: Portal is found and used in the Guillotine position.

2 months ago

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The PORTAL foot fetish technique is a way to utilize transition from one foot fetish position into another foot fetish position.

This erotic technique is found within the Guillotine Position.

Portal is an erotic utilization method meant to provide a gateway into other Footsutra positions.

The Portal Erotic Technique helps provide a gateway, or portal, into the other Footsutra positions. In essence, the Guillotine position should be the default start method for the Footsutra, as the Portal technique described here will help initiate and transition into other positions. The Guillotine transitions easily into the Sand Trap, Praying Mantis, Eden, and the Pyramid positions. However, it does not stop there and other transitions may be performed.

Depending on how the boy behaves in this position will determine what the girl elects to do next. For example, if the boy becomes defiant, resistant, or is acting like a jackass or fuckboy, then the girl may elect to use more dominate measures such as inflicting pain; or, alternatively, placing the boy in a painful position (such as the Footbar Submission). In essence, the Portal Erotic Technique determines what move the girl will make next. In other words, if the boy is obedient, and by obedient, this refers to the boy following commands: such as crawling forward on his hands and knees when instructed to do so. Following commands is the definition of obedience in the Footsutra, and likewise, inhaling her feet, sucking on her feet, sucking on her toes, crawling, walking, etc., all are obedient responses to a girl becoming dominant. Therefore, if the boy is obedient, the girl may elect to reward the boy by placing him in a more pleasurable and erotic position. Alternatively, the girl may elect to place the boy in a position that he likes since he is being obedient and compliant with the girl’s instructions.

Dominance Section

If you are a girl (or boy) who uses your feet on others, or wish to enhance your dominance with your feet, then this section is for you.

If you are in the dominant position here, this should be the only thing on your mind. You should be asking yourself, how can I make this boy obey? How can I make this boy more compliant? The answer to both of those questions are your feet.

Your feet have the power to control the boy you have in the Guillotine position. Executing the Portal Erotic Technique may be different, as some dominant girls may choose different positions. Regardless of the position chosen, transitioning from the Guillotine into another Footsutra position should be done with confidence and determination. Do not question yourself. Do not stop mid-transition because the boy groans or resists. Transition harder. However, the main purpose is to ensure that your feet remain in his face for the duration of the transition.


Published 2 months ago