Receive CUSTOM positions to fit your needs

The Footsutra: Enhancing the pleasure of foot fetishists and the dominance and control of women worldwide.

Get a custom Footsutra position suited for your needs. All custom positions for the Footsutra are only shared with the individual who paid for it. Thus, custom positions are not added to the main position index unless the payer wishes to do so.

As a result, there are many different foot fetish sex and foreplay positions that occur behind-the-scenes of the main position network. And therefore, not available to the general public.

This service is designed for those foot fetishists or women who have a specific vision or technique or position in mind, but are not quite sure how to achieve it. This is where the Custom Position service comes to the rescue.

Each Custom Footsutra foot fetish position will receive:

  • Position Artwork
  • Position Description
  • One Erotic Technique (each additional erotic technique past the first will incur additional charges)
  • One Setup Technique (each additional setup technique past the first will incur additional charges)
  • Humiliation Level and Factors
  • Dominance Level and Factors
  • Trait discussions on Strength, Confidence, and Trust
  • Five Virtues of Foot Fetishism Discussion: Smell, Foot Type, Foot Texture, Foot Toes/Nails, and Cleanliness
  • A list and discussion of best settings to perform the position and techniques
  • Practice and follow the Guidelines to the position for maximum pleasure
  • Discussion on the best sexual practices for the position and techniques
  • A guide on transitioning from position to position
  • Meditation and focus guide on increasing the pleasure, knowledge, and structure of the custom position

Pricing Model & Process

Each custom position costs $50.00 in the form of any cryptocurrency found on the crypto addresses page. The only accepted form of payment is cryptocurrency. Please visit the cryptocurrency address page for all wallet addresses, and to select the cryptocurrency you wish to pay with.

Half of the payment is required on order. And the other half of the payment is to be sent when the file and position is delivered to the payer.

To summarize: $25.00 is due in cryptocurrency of your choosing at the time the order is placed. The remainder of the $25.00 is due 24 hours after your order and position have been developed. Delivery will occur in either a .docx or PDF file.

Contact email:

Please send me an email using the above email address with what you are looking for. In essence, what do you like about feet? Soles? Smell? Taste? Do you prefer to be dominant or submissive? Do you like to be restricted or free? Please be as detailed as possible. Describe your ideal fantasy, position, and desires so that I can turn that into the position of your dreams.

Estimated time of delivery

From the time the first payment is sent, and I have received your email in regards to what you are looking for, please allow one week for estimated delivery.