The Cryptotab browser introduces everyone to the world of cryptocurrency with mining and profit, straight from your browser.

CryptoTab offers everyone the chance to mine with ease, even for beginners. A new way to support the Footsutra by browsing the web, the CryptoTab browser mines while you browse your daily dose of internet. Click the image below, or use the text link to get started! Downloading and using the CryptoTab browser is a great way to support the Footsutra project without any work.

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CryptoTab has a BUILT-IN mining feature

CryptoTab is the world's first browser with a built-in mining. Take your web surfing and browsing to the next level by getting PAID to watch videos, browse YouTube, or chat online. If that was not enough, CryptoTab is constantly improving their mining algorithm to ensure the best profits for you. Watch videos, read articles, chat on forums or messangers, all while earning profit in the background. It is that simple!

Those of you already familiar with Chrome should have no problem transitioning into the CryptoTab browser. Easily import your bookmarks and saved content right after install.

Supporting the Footsutra has never been easier!

Simply use any of the images or links on this page to get started with CryptoTab. As seen as you start browsing videos, messages, forums, or anything your heart desires, you will be supporting the Footsutra project. No effort required besides installing CryptoTab. It is that easy.