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The Footsutra gains the Brave Verified Creator status


Here on the Footsutra (and even on my other website Celebrity Feet in the Pose), I have always been against advertising. With the Brave browser, they are changing the status quo to fight against all of the big-wig advertising powerhouses. We support the Brave Project. Before Brave, advertisements took over with pop-ups, popunders, and websites that look like one big advertisement. Some of the advertisements are impossible to close (or make the "x" in the top right corner impossible to click so you mistakenly click the advertisement). They do these things on purpose. Anything to drive profits. So, what's the solution? The Brave Browser.


Brave Shielding

With the Brave Browser, you control what the websites can do. Brave Shielding protects you from advertisements, trackers, scripts, and cross-site cookies. Furthermore, they also protect you by upgrading your security to HTTPS if the websites you visit do not support the HTTPS protocol. If that was not enough, they also block website fingerprinting of your computer system. Brave Shield is unique to the Brave Browser. You can even make setting more strict for further protection.

Full Protection from Advertisements

Brave protects the user from all types of advertisements. You will not see any YouTube advertisements, or any other advertisements on the most frequent websites you visit (such as social media). You will no longer have to wait those five miserable seconds to skup the advertisements when watching videos. You will no longer have trouble closing advertisements and clicking them by mistake. You will no longer have to deal with the aggressive and intrusive advertising such as pop-ups, popunders, or surprise windows.

Brave Rewards

Not only does Brave stop advertisements on websites, you can be rewarded with cryptocurrency for allowing Brave Ads. Brave Ads show on the bottom right of the screen, similar to a push notification. All of the advertisements on websites continue to be blocked if Brave Shielding is active. However, if you choose to opt into Brave Rewards, Brave will show some push notifications and you will be rewarded with BAT (cryptocurrency) for each Brave Ads shown.

Also, you can automatically donate the BAT you accummulate through Brave Rewards to the websites that you visit the most. This is a form of automated donation, and you will reward the websites you love and frequent for the content they create.

To get started, download the Brave browser using our referral link: Click here to download the Brave browser

In the top right of the browser will be a triangle icon to help getting started with the Brave Rewards program. You can also send a tip, or set up the program to automatically tip the website with some of the accumulated BAT that you reserved from viewing the Brave Ads (push notifications).